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chapter 3

Long ago… The world was in turmoil, war was rampant, no one trusted anyone. Everyone was always fighting, or just trying to stay alive. Everyone last this fighting would last until there was no one left.

There was one person who was opposed to the fighting, she had silver hair, along with silver eyes. She detested the fighting, but she fought if she had too, she helped those who were injured, the later normally shunning her help, telling her to leave them alone. She didn’t mind, she still helped where she could.

People took to calling her Dreamer. Soon enough, there was another who started to help the girl, he had hair as black as night, and yellow eyes, almost like a wolfs.  He became her protector, though she didn’t really need to be protected. He had grown up in this fighting, but he knew it could be stopped, it just had to be done the right way.

The two traveled the land, helping those who needed it, breaking up the useless fights. They became known as Dreamer and Nightmare. They balanced each other, her kind, gentle nature was completely opposite his rough and paranoid personality.

Wherever they went, peace seemed to follow. People debated that they had powers beyond this world. They were right.

One time, the two had stumbled right in the middle of a horrid fight. They were both injured. As they died, dark energy came from Nightmare, while a silver energy came from Dreamer. The energy’s combined and sank into the ground.

Plants started to come to life. The dead ground was coming back. The feuding people put down their weapons, they buried the two who had brought the light back to the darkened world.

Years after the passing of the two, children started to be born with the looks of Dreamer and Nightmare, but, unlike the two, they had powers. The ones who looked like Dreamer were called as such, the ones that looked like Nightmare were called Nightmarians.

The Dreamers could make excellent potions that could heal the worst of wounds, but they could also fight, and just as Nightmarians could, they could make weapons from their powers. The Nightmarians were excellent fighters, they had more endurance and strength…


“..and that’s all I remember..”Lana said. Berren looked deep in thought, “huh… and these files go for that.. But in the files and stories, it says Dreamers could fight, so why make them only potions makers and healers?” He questioned. “That I don’t know..”Lana pouted a bit, and stuffed the files back in her bag before someone would accidently see them.

“So you don’t think-Hello Headmistress.”Berren stopped in the middle of his sentence to look up at the headmistress. “Hello you two. May I ask what you two were talking about?” Sola asked, a smile on her face. Lana looked up at Sola, something felt.. off about that smile.

“Just about classes ma’am.”Berren answered. “Ah~ and they say Nightmarians aren’t studious, well Dreamers always are.”she smiled over at Lana, who nodded a bit. The two locked eyes for a little bit, lana felt as if Sola was trying to see inside her soul..

“Well, I must get back to my rounds.”Sola smiled and bidded the two a farewell. When Sola left, Lana let a shiver escape from her. “Cold?”Berren asked. “..yeah.. Just a little bit.. I’m gonna head back on up to my room.”She grabbed her bag and left before Berren could say another word.

When Lana opened the door to her room, she dropped her bag; her room was trashed! Drawers were pulled out, as if someone was looking for something, even the pillow and mattress were cut open! Lana scowled and shut her door, beginning to pick up the mess. She heard someone knocking on her door. “What?!”she snapped, wrenching open her door, but stopped short seeing Berren, “oh hey.. what’s up?”she asked, “I just wanted to make sure you were ok..” berren looked over her shoulder. “What happened to your room?”

“Someone trashed it!”She growled, her eyes narrowed. Berren’s eyes widened in surprise, “…do you think they were looking for the files?”he asked as he began to help her clean up. “most likely. It’s something they don’t want getting out!”She said, her scowl growing bigger. “I’m not returning them.”she hissed.

“But what if they do something worse next time?”Berren asked, “I don’t give a flying shit!” Lana snapped, “…They’re doing something here Berren, something they don’t want getting out. I need to get it to the public.”

“Well you can’t just waltz out of here, they’ll probably search you..!”Berren warned. “Who said I was gonna get it out by the normal way~?”She smirked. Berren looked over at her. “…you were a thief back at your home weren’t you?”

Lana simply grinned, “I prefer the term ‘item finder’.”she snickered. “No wonder you knew how to unlock the cabinet. “He rolled his eyes. “they shouldn’t have left it out in the open~”she hummed.  “…where are you gonna go when you do leave? as a matter of fact, when are you going to leave?”Berren questioned as he flipped her bed over to the uncut side, luckily a lot of the stuffing hadn’t fallen out of it. “I’m gonna to leave tonight, about thirty minutes after midnight.” She answered, already pulling out some stuff to take with her, namely a few knick knacks she had bought from home, like a small plush bear her brother had gotten her when she was little. “And I’ll probably go back home, Mark’ll know what to do after I show him this stuff.”

“But what if he doesn’t?”Berren asked. “Then I’ll find someone who does.” Lana answered flatly. “..Berren, thanks for being my friend, I’ll send letters if I can, probably under a fake name, like… Brena or somethin’… Be careful alright? And treat Marick good~”she smirked as the other had a faint blush on his cheeks. “be safe lana.”he said. “alright, you better go dude, I need to change out of my uniform.”she grinned, and he nodded and left, shutting her door behind him.

She pulled out a t-shirt, a hoodie and a pair of jeans and she changed out of her uniform. “There we are.. much better, helluva lot more comfy than that damned uniform..”She looked at her clock, it was only seven, a bit after supper. “It’s no where near midnight… I’ma have to wait a bit at least.”


Finally, after what felt like years, it was past midnight. Lana opened her door and silently left, her bag at her side. She slinked down the hallway, her eyes sharp for any monitors. She had her hood over her silver hair, it would be more noticeable at night.

It seemed there were a lot more monitors out tonight… Lana stayed to the shadows, she just had to get to the gates and she would be good.  It was all a matter of getting there.

She swore softly as she tripped on an overgrown root, falling flat on her face, and alerting a monitor. “ya know what? screw the sly shit..!”and with that, she bolted to the gates, making sure her hood was still over her head. Right when she bolted, she had monitors on her tail, and they were closing the distance quickly…!

“The gate!”she grinned and ran into it, grabbing at the bars. “dammit!” looking over her shoulder, she did the only thing she could do. She made a Dream fog and began to climb. The monitors were still calling out, befuddled, by the time she was over the gate. “Ahahaha~!”She laughed, “see ya suckers!”and she bolted toward the woods.

Lana panted as she jogged to a stop, she had to have gotten at least half a mile away from the school.. she had ran for a while..

She looked around, leaning against a tree.. “I just need to find the road and I should be able to get back home..” She looked up at the dark sky. “…but I won’t be able to go far being tired.. Nichael worked us hard today.. a little bit longer, then I’ll find a place to rest..” she pulled her hood from her head and began to walk along the overgrown pathway, it looked like it had been a place for students to go and relax, but it hadn’t been used in years…

An hour later, she was struggling to stay standing, “Dear loooorrdddd…”she whined to no one of course, “I need to find a place to rest..”she stumbled into a clearing. “Oh thank god.. nothing’s over grown here.”she moved and laid down under a tree, leaning against the trunk. Leaning her head down, she began to sleep.


Lana was woken by the sound of birds chirping, a peaceful enough way to wake, better than coming face to face with a wolf or something. She stretched, standing up. She still had her bag and such, “Alright, it should take me at least a day to get back home.”she sighed a bit,  and began to walk, she had to find the road first.

After walking for about half an hour, she growled in pain as she was jerked back. She managed to look behind her and saw her long hair was tangled up in a branch. “dammit…!!”she growled and tried to pull her hair from the branch, but that didn’t work, she sighed, she didn’t have a knife… but she could make one.

Concentrating, she made a silver dagger appear in her hand. She held her hair and she cut the ponytail off. “There we are..”she sighed and began to walk again, making the dagger disappear.

Finally, she found her way to the road, “good, I should just follow this and I should be fine…”she began to walk along the road, but soon came across a woman trying to fix one of those new hover vans.. only business and stuff had the hover stuff.

“augh..! Damned van!”The girl stood straight, kickin it, and then holding her foot, muttering swears. The woman had dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail, a work jacket tied around her waist and a black tank top, and a pair of jeans. she growled, wiping sweat off her brow with her gloved hand. She then spotted Lana. “Oi, ya know anythin ‘bout hover cars lass?”she asked. “not really, I mean I learned some from my brother, he delivers stuff..”Lana replied. “Well ya know some at least, come and help, and I’ll take ya where ya need to go, sound like a deal?” The woman grinned, “Sounds good! I’m… Brana.”Lana said, deciding to use a fake name, she had no idea if she could trust this person, but a ride was a ride, and plus, people hardly ever pick on a Dreamer, because ninety percent of the time, they had a Nightmarian guarding them.. well.. wouldn’t they be surprised with her?

“Cel.”the girl answered, “let’s get to work!”

Half an hour passed, and the two had gotten the hover van working once more. “perfect!”Cel laughed with her thick accent, lana could quite place it. “come on kid.”she grinned, climbing in the drivers side, “huh? oh right!” lana grabbed her bag and climbed in the passenger side.

Cel started up the hover van and it started down the path way, “you’re a Dreamer, that’s obvious, have you not went to the school yet?”cel asked. “um… no.”Lana answered, “Don’t have the money.”

“Ah I know that feeling…”Cel sighed, “Took me a while to save up for this piece of junk, had to mooch a lot meals from my friends..”she muttered. “any way, where ya headin? or that personal?”

“Ah just headin’ home.”Lana answered, “Don’t want my brother worrying about me.”she stretched and reached into her bag pulling out the small plush bear, thankful it was still one piece. Cel glanced over at it before looking back at the road. “that’s cute little bear, but I wouldn’t expect a girl like you to have one, you look like those tough kids who don’t wanna be seen with a stuffed toy.”

“My brother gave it to me when I was little… it means alot to me..”she smiled a bit, before putting the toy bear back into her bag.”heh, it’s always good to keep things to remind us of the past.”Cel smiled.

About two hours passed and the two had made it into the city. Lana grinned as Cel slowed to a stop and she hopped out. “Thanks for the lift Cel!”she ran off, waving. Cel laughed, “See ya kid, stay safe!”


Lana pushed her way through the busy crowds, trying to get to her house. By the time she got to her street though, she could tell something was wrong.. She picked up her speed and raced toward her home.

Lana skidded to a stop, her eyes wide; her home.. the place she had lived with her brother all her life… it was gone, it looked as if it had been burned to the ground.. “h-how…?” That was all she could utter, she could get nothing else out. She should have been told about this… Looking around she bolted over to her neighbors home, knocking, well pounding on the door.

“I’m comin’,  I’m comin’!”Came her neighbors, Mrs. Ginkle, voice as she opened the door. Her aged eyes looked down at Lana in surprise. “Lana? My stars, weren’t ye at school? did someone tell you about yer home? Or ye brother?”She asked. “no..! no one told me anything!”lana exclaimed, fear creeping into her mind “Lana, child , it was a lone fire, started just the other day… No one knows where yer brother is.. They couldn’t find a body, so it’s possible he got out..” Mrs. Grinkle explained.

“…. Thank you for telling me Mrs. Grinkle. I-I’ll go see if I can find anything..”Lana turned and went to the burnt wreckage of her home. “Oh be careful youngin’, if you need a place to sleep, my doors always open!”She called to Lana’s back, who threw up a hand to show she had heard.

She hurried over to her home, looking around as the burnt wood around her. “How could this have happened..?” she asked herself, her voice soft, she knew her brother had arsonphobia, fear of fire, so he wouldn’t have been careless with a flame.. Did someone burn down the home…? That had to be it..!

“and mark was gone… but can’t be dead.. He had to have escaped..!” She growled, and began to move some of the ashes, looking for something… anything that told her her brother was still alive…

She froze hearing movement farther into the home. She cautiously went toward the noise, making a dagger with her energy. She stopped in a burnt doorway, and a trap door opening, and climbing up from it was her brother..! “mark!”she exclaimed, running over and hugging him. “Hey squirt!”Mark smiled, hugging Lana back. “Why are you here?”he asked, holding her at arms length. “Well.. I ran away from the Academy..”She sighed, “but I had good reason!” Lana pulled out the files as she saw her elder brother give her a look.

Mark took the files, still giving her a suspicious look as he read over the files, and he sighed, “So you found out as well huh? I’m kinda glad you didn’t find one with mom and dads real death..”he sighed, “What?”she asked, tilting her head.

“They never told us how mom and dad died, but some family friends told me a few years ago, and I joined up with them.”He said, rubbing the back of his head.

“ ‘Joined up with them?’ “Lana repeated, “Joined them in what?” she asked, looking up at her elder brother. “Well.. Lana, as you saw in these files you stole, they are hiding a lot of things from the people. I’m part of a group like mom and dad were, they are trying to reveal to everyone what’s being hidden. I’m part of the DNG, the Dreamer/ Nightmarian Guard.”


chapter 2

After Lana got out of the infirmary, nothing of interest happened for a few weeks, the teachers were just harder on her than the rest of the students, making her prove herself, she was more than happy to prove herself to them. Apparently, the headmistress had ordered that they go harder on her, she didn’t mind.

It was soon the scheduled week off, it was cold, close to Thanksgiving. Lana pulled her coat around her as she walked in the grounds, looking up at the darkened sky, they were probably gonna get some weather, most likely rain.

She was bored, Berren was taking his lessons with his Dreamer friend, told her that the Dreamer was called Marick Jones, said he was super smart too. With how awkward Berren was… He and Marick had to have known each other from before they came to the Academy.

She sat the fountain, looking up at the sky, “boooreed…”She whined, to no one in particular.

“Dreamer!”Came a rough voice, Lana’s silver eyes looked over to the voice and saw a group of four Nightmarians stalking over to her. “yes?”She asked, looking up at them, man they were tall..

“You should be in the Dreamer classes.”one growled, “You’ll get eaten alive on a real battle field.”the first, apparently the leader, said. Lana looked up at him, and grinned seeing the black eye, “oh yeah~”she mused, “you’re the one that I beat in sparring!”

An embarrassed flush creeped onto his cheeks, mixing with the flush from the cold. “Shut it Dreamer!”He snapped, “I have a name.”she stretched, standing up, “That may be, but you’re the only Dreamer in our class.”One of the others growled.

“So? call me by my name. I’m Lana Allight.”She said, sounding quite snarky. “Well then…. Since we should still be practicing… “the last one smirked, “How about a sparring match; the four of us, against you.”


Her response seemed to have surprised them, but they composed themselves, “Alright.”The leader smirked and snapped his fingers and the four jumped her.

She quickly sidestepped and a white mist started to fill the area, the Dreamer Fog! They made noises of surprise and tried to find her, but she was laughing as dodging, making her essentially undetectable in the mist.

“Where are you?!” One of them bellowed. “you’re getting warmer~!”she sang out, but in reality, they were nowhere near her, she was standing atop the statue in the fountain. She laughed again as they stumbled around. She kept the fog up until she heard the leader say, ‘we give!’. With a flick of her wrist, the fog disappeared. The four looked around for her and looked up at her in surprise as they saw her still standing on the statue.

“Bye~”she waved, jumping from the statue and hurrying into one of the buildings, almost running into Berren and a silver haired, tall young man, must’ve been Berren’s friend. “Lana? you ok?”Berren asked, setting his books on a bench. “yep!” she laughed, “Just had a run in with some bullies.”She hummed.

“So you must be Lana, everyone in the school knows about you, the girl who’s going against tradition. Well you’re not the only one”the other chuckled, looking over at Berren. “You two know each other I guess?”Lana asked, grinning a bit, knowing that she had a repetition.

Berren nodded, “Marick and I are childhood friends.”He said, sitting beside Lana on the bench. “Thought so.” Lana said with a nod. Marick chuckled, “so lemme guess.some Nightmarian’s were bugging you?”

She nodded, “of course~ but I didn’t even have to make a fist~!”she mused. Berren chuckled, shaking his head, “You’re mental Lana, but at least you didn’t get in trouble.”he smiled. “Oh come now my friend! do I look like the kind of person that would get in trouble?” She asked, grinning.

“Do I really have to answer that?”Berren looked at her with a ‘really?’ face.”oh come on!”lana pouted, Berren chuckled and patted her on the head, he was actually taller than her, and it added to his awkward factor.

Lana pouted and swatted his hand, “well Berren, how about we spar some?  We can use the inside one!”she grinned. “heh, alright, I’ll see you later Marick.”he waved to his friend as he followed after Lana, who was jogging down the hallway.

soon, the two had been sparring for an hour, but they were also chatting, “So you were able to convince him to teach you how to make potions?”she asked, ducking under a punch. “Well actually… he convinced me to let him teach me. I still think we’ll trouble for that and other things…”He sighed, retaliating with a kick.

“‘Other things’?”Lana repeated. Berren nodded a bit, “I-I’ll tell you later…”He blushed. “Very well~”Lana smiled and grabbed his ankle as he sent another kick at her and she threw him to the side on the mat.

“I still can’t get over how much stronger you are..Let’s take a break huh..?”Berren asked, wiping some sweat from his brow. Lana nodded, jogging over to the machine to get them some water.

Soon, the two friends were sitting and sipping their water, “So what’s the ‘other things’?”She asked, sipping her water. “w-well..”Berren fiddled with his hands, “M-marick a-and i… we’re both g-g-gay..”He said, his voice dropping to a whisper, “w-we became friends because people picked on him for liking guys… He-he was the person I came out too, people didn’t bother me, I was that tall quiet kid.. it was like they thought I would snap..”The words just seemed to pour from him, “Ma-marick and I have been keeping the relationship hidden… E-even more so with that law..”He swallowed and looked over at Lana, his face showing his fear as to what she would think. “Law?”Lana tilted her head, “What law?”

Berren looked over at her in surprise, “…Dreamer’s and Nightmarians aren’t allowed to be together…” He sighed, “I’m still kinda surprised both your parents were Nightmarians, it’s strange for a Dreamer to be born to Nightmarians.”

“huh… Well I guess I’m strange in more ways than one then.” She grinned, “So… So you don’t think different of me?”He asked,looking a bit confused. “Course not!”She smiled, “It doesn’t matter what ya like, who ya like, what ya look like, all that matters is how ya act! It won’t change the fact that you’re my friend Berren.”

The tall Nightmarian let out a breath of relief, “Oh thank the lord… It feels good to get that out.” He smiled a bit. Lana grinned, slapping him on the back, “Let’s get back to sparring!”She drained her water bottle and walked back to the training mat.


Their free week was coming to a close, the last day, her and Berren were in the library, nothing better to do. “Hey Berren~”Came Marick’s voice as he hugged the Nightmarian from behind, making him blush, “H-hey Marick..”

“So cute when ya blush~”Marick mused, poking Berren’s cheek, “What’cha looking at?”he asked, looking over the other’s shoulder. “Ah, we just found some random books.”Lana shrugged.

“Ah.”Marick nodded and sat beside Berren, giving the later a kiss on the cheek. Lana snickered as the tall Nightmarian started to blush, “now that’s adorable~”she mused. “Oh shove off both of ya…”Berren scowled.

“Oh yeah..! Berren, you did some research right? On what I told you?”Lana asked. He nodded. “oh? and what have you been researching Berren?”Marick asked, seeming curious. “Just some stuff about Dreamer and Nightmare.”Lana grinned, “Those myths?”Marick asked. “They’re not myths! There’s documents about them!”Lana pouted.

“well Lana… I hate to tell ya, I found only stuff about the myths..” Berren admitted. “What? but those documents my parents would bring home..”Lana looked a bit confused, “Maybe those were just some things that your parents thought that  you and your brother would like?”Berren suggested. “Or… If you wish, sometimes, I’ve noticed, some Nightmarians students go talk to the Dreamer teachers, you could ask one of them, alot of them are experts in history.”Marick suggested, “But they may tell you the same thing Berren has.”

Marick hadn’t even finished his sentence, and Lana was already out the door. “Great you put an idea in her head..”Berren sighed, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Sorry?”Marick grinned


“Sir!”Lana called out, running up to an aged man with silver hair, kind silver eyes behind glasses, balanced on his nose, dressed in the garb of a professor from a university. “Oh? Ah, hello! Aren’t you miss Lana, the Dreamer that’s taking the Nightmarian course?” He asked, looking down at the kinda short girl. “Yes sir, may I ask your name?”She asked. “I’m Negan Jones, but you may just call me professor jones.”He smiled kindly.

“Ok Professor… You know Dreamer and Nightmare?”She asked.  Professor Jones looked down at her, “Why I know the myths.”He answered, “But we have books on the myths in the library.”

“No… Weren’t they the first Users?” Lana asked. Professor Jones looked well.. distant now  , “Well no. There have always been Users Miss Lana.”He answered, “For as long as the Academy’s been around. Dreamer and Nightmare are just stories for children.”

“But… There was a war! Centuries ago wasn’t it?”Lana asked, trying to remember the documents she had read with her brother. “There was no war Miss Lana. With the Academy we have peace. Now if you excuse me, I need to get to my next lesson.”And with that, the professor hurried off.


The next day, they were back at their lessons. “He just seemed to dance over my questions, and his responses.. They seemed as if they were lines..!”Lana pouted as she ducked under a punch and retaliated with a swipe to the legs.

“Oh they must be hiding something.”Berren rolled his eyes, sarcasm dripping from his voice, but Lana didn’t seem to pick up on it. “They have to be!”she agreed. “I was being sarcastic Lana.”he sighed, blocking a punch. “Well… That doesn’t matter, they have to be hiding something!” She protestested.

“Lana, Dreamer and Nightmare are just myths!”Berren sighed and knocked Lana to the ground via sweep to the legs. Lana was about to retort, but next thing she knew, Nicheal was right beside the two. “You two, stop chatting and spar!”He barked before going off to another sparring group.

When Nicheals back was turned, Lana sent a gesture at his back that wouldn’t be considered nice in the company of parents. “Lana stop it, we can talk more at break.”Berren said, managing to get Lana in a headlock. Lana pouted, and managed to get out of the headlock and punched Berren in the gut.


Soon, the Nightmarian class  was going to break. “Berren they have to be hiding something! I know there was a war! I know Dreamer and Nightmare were real!” Lana scowled, crossing her arms. “Lana, all the books I’ve read have never talked about a war!”Berren protested, leaning against a tree as Lana climbed to sit in the tree. “Because they’ve kept it from the students, hell, not just the students, everyone!”She growled, sitting on a branch.

“And why would they do that?”Berren asked, sitting on the grass. “Because they don’t want people questioning stuff!” Lana retorted, pouting. “Lana, those documents were most likely just stuff your parents made up to entertain you and your brother..!” Berren sighed, he was getting tired with all this.

Lana scowled, jumping down from the branch, landing in front of Berren, “I’m gonna prove to you I’m right.” She growled. “and just how are you gonna do that Lana?” Berren questioned, looking up at her. “… I’m gonna find the documents!”She declared, “They must be in the restricted archives!”

“..Those are impossible to get into Lana.”Berren said, his voice deadpan. “Well no ones ever tried!”Lana retorted, crossing her arms as the whistle to get back to class cried out. “Whatever, just don’t come crying to me if you get in trouble.”Berren stretched as they walked back to the training area.


Later that night, Lana silently opened her door, everyone was asleep… Well there might be night monitors around.. She slowly, and silently made her way down the hallway, toward the library.  

She made it there without being seen thankfully. once in the library, she began to look around for anything that looked like it would be locked away from students.

At the back of the library, she found a cabinet that was locked. One of the staff probably had a key, but she didn’t have time for that.. Pulling out one of her bobby pins, she began to fiddle with the lock.

After a few minutes, she grinned as she heard a small click and the door swung open, “Hell yeah~”she grinned, and began to look through some files, and quickly came across a small bundle that said Dreamer and Nightmare. “That has to be it..”she muttered and grabbed them, stuffing them in her bag. she shut the door, locking it back.

“now to get back to my room.”she grinned, leaving the library, hurrying back to her room, almost getting caught, but luckily for her the monitor was easily distracted.

She flipped on her lamp and began to look over the files.

“….I knew it.”


“wait…You stole- urk!”Lana pulled Berren down by his tie again. “Yes, I did, now shut it! I don’t need to be caught!”she growled, looking around to make sure no one heard him. He rubbed his throat when she released his tie. “…what did they say?”he asked, sighing.

“We can look at them at dinner!”she grinned, “just eat quickly-ow! Tali what was that for?!”She demanded, having been hit in the head with a ruler. “you will be tested on this Allight. Carry on conversations with Marten after class.” Tali answered and went right back into teaching.


“so these documents prove what you were saying is true?”Berren asked as they walked toward the library. Lana nodded, grinning, “They were locked up~”she hummed, a smirk still on her face. “Lana, you’re gonna get in so much trouble when they figure out you stole them.”berren sighed, sitting in a chair at a table in a corner. Lana sitting in front of him, pulling out some of the files.

“But they won’t figure out it was me~”she hummed, grinning. “Here look~”she smiled, showing him the file.

Berren’s eyes read over the file and his yellow eyes went wide behind his glasses, “amazing.. These talk of the war…!”he said, having a hard time keeping his voice low. “ I told you! It was the great war.!” and he began to silently recount the tale her parents told her many times.

chapter 1

What?!” The silver haired girl snapped as she read over the letter, “I have to go through the Dreamer course?!”She growled, her silver eyes showing her anger. A brown haired man sighed, “You are Dreamer though sis..”he sighed, rolling his emerald eyes. The sixteen year old shot him a glare, her long hair tied into a ponytail, bouncing against her back. “That may be, but I don’t wanna sit there, learning the boring stuff, I wanna fight! I wanna join the kings army like mom and dad..!”

“I know Lana, but we can’t always get what we want. Plus, mom and dad were both Nightmarians..!”He shot back. “I’m not going to the Dreamer classes, Mark.”She scowled, crossing her arms. “you’ll get kicked outta school..!”her twenty-three year old brother sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “…Do you really wanna do the Nightmarians training? even I know it’s hard.”

She nodded her head, her ponytail bouncing against her back. Mark heaved a heavy sigh. “…Fine. I still know some people, I can pull some strings.”

“Yes!!!!”She laughed and hugged her elder brother tightly, “Thank you, Mark! thank you!!”she grinned, looking up at him. He chuckled weakly, “Anything for you Squirt, but don’t do anything that’ll get you into trouble.”he laughed. She made a face, “Me, in trouble?Also, don’t call me that.”

“Why? You’re still really short. You look like a middle schooler.”he laughed.

“Oh shove off, you ass.”

“Love you too sis.”


Lana grinned as she followed the other students into the main hall, they all looked up at the platform before them, still murmuring excitedly. A young looking women came onto the platform, wearing the headmaster’s robes. “Welcome to the Academy!!”She smiled, throwing her hands out in welcome.

The students quieted down as the headmistress began to talk, “As you all should know, I am Sola Telon, the nightmarian headmistress of this fine school.”the black haired, yellow eyed women smiled, looking across all the students who were looking up at her with an excited gaze.

“Here we train you to use the powers you were born with, helping you all get the jobs you were meant for.” Sola smiled. “You’ll all be issued a student pass card, it’ll have your picture and info. Keep it with you, you’re only issued one free replacement, then you’ll need to pay. But anyway, Dreamers and Nightmarians have an advanced learning capability, therefore, your time here will be short, only a mere year and half. Yes that is a short period of time and you won’t have to work continuously, lord no. We will give you a week off every month to do as you wish as long as you do not leave the school grounds.”

Sola smiled, looking out across them, her eyes lingered along Lana before moving on, “Now, you all should go find your dorms. Your meals will be sent to your dorms.” And with that, she dismissed them.

Lana grinned, she had been placed in the Nightmarian dorms as well. She was in a single dorm, so she was by herself. She laughed gleefully, plopping onto her bed. “This is awesome~!!” she sang out and then looked up at her door, hearing a knock, “It’s open!”she called out.

The door opened to reveal short, black haired, yellow eyed young man,  he looked about sixteen, he wore the schools uniform, a red armband on his upper arm, making him a the hall coordinator, he was pushing in a tray and behind him, some boxes, “Here’s your meal mis…. Wait aren’t you a Dreamer? Why are you in the Nightmarian dorms?”He asked, his yellow eyes shining with curiosity. “I want to learn how to use my powers to fight, I can already make a dagger out of the energy.”She said with a grin as she flicked her wrist, making a white dagger appear in her hands.

The Nightmarian looked at her in surprise, “Wow… Well, anyway, I’m Berren. I’m the hall coordinator. Do you want me to help you move your stuff inside?”He asked, motioning to the boxes. “Lana, and no thank you, I got it.”She grinned, making the dagger disappear, she loved that shocked look on his face; she was going to prove to every Nightmarian that Dreamer’s don’t always have to be healers.

He nodded, composing himself, “Very well. If you have any questions, or need help finding your classes, my room is at the end of the hallway.”He pushed his small glasses up his short nose and left. She blew her bangs from her face and began to move the boxes into her room.

The next day, she was standing in a line with the new Nightmarians, all of them, including her, standing at attention, waiting for the teacher to get there. In a small puff of black smoke, the Nightmarian Fog, the teacher appeared. He was a tall, stubborn looking man, he black hair was cut short, his yellow eyes were stern, looking hard worn from battle. He wore black armor with silver markings on the edge of it.

He looked around at the new students, “I’m your teacher this year, I’m Nicheal Tenta, but call me sir,or Commander.”he looked around, his eyes stopped on Lana. “And what the hell is this?”he growled, stalking over to her, glaring down at her. “Name brat.”he growled, “Lana Allight, Sir!”She said, still standing at attention. “Tell me, Lana, why are you here? You are a Dreamer, are you not?”He growled, “Yes sir, but I wish to fight like my parents before me, Sir!”she responded.

“And who were your parents, Allight?”he asked, looking down on her. “Brana and James Allight, Sir!”She automatically responded. “Hmm.. I know them.”He scowled, “They were brave soldiers, but also Nightmarians, why don’t you go to the potions class?” He growled. “Because I want to fight, Sir!”Lana repeated her earlier statement, a little bit of anger coming to her mind, but she kept a stoic face.

Nicheal looked down at her, his yellow eyes shining darkly, “Very well Allight. You will learn to use your powers to fight. But don’t complain about the training.”He growled and stalked off to where everyone could see him.

“Alright Brats, listen up!”He growled as the teens, they all stood rigid. “I won’t lie,this training is gonna be hard, a lot of you will probably wanna go cry to your mommies, but they ain’t here! You think the enemy on the battlefield will give you leeway? no!”he growled, “So I won’t either. We’ll work with hand to hand fighting first. Find a partner and start sparring.”

The group dispersed, finding a partner, a lot of them seemed to avoid Lana. She was poked on the shoulder by the boy from before, Berren was his name?

“You wanna spar?”he asked, tilting his head. She looked at him, “alright, don’t expect me to go easy on ya.”She smirked, getting into a fighting stance. He nodded and threw a punch at her. It was a little sluggish, so it was no problem for Lana to duck under it and gave him a sweep to the legs, making him fall.

Berren grinned, jumping back up, “not too bad.”He commented, kicking her side. Lana grinned and returned the kick, making him stumble.

After a few hours, a loud buzzer rang out across the field, “Ah class is over for now! It’s lunch and then we have break, then we’ll come back!”Berren laughed, “you fight like a real Nightmarian, what did you do before you were enrolled?”he asked as he walked beside her. “Well I did get into fights at home, the guys were picking on kids.”She answered as they walked to the meal hall.

“Still, that’s amazing. So your parents were Nightmarian Soldiers?”he asked. Lana nodded, “They weren’t home alot, so my big brother essentially raised me. But when they were home, it was great; they would tell us stories of the battles they’ve been in, the people that tried to attack the king…. Mom would make like these little spark shows… But they got killed in a fight a few years ago, they wouldn’t tell us how. That’s another reason I want to become a soldier, they have access to so much more than working Dreamers.” She explained.

“oh.. The Commander seemed like he knew them.”Berren commented as she and him got trays to get their food. “He probably did, they were respected  warriors.” Lana grinned.

After they got some food, the two went and sat down at a table. “And Berren, when we were out there sparring, you seemed absent minded, mind telling me why?”She sipped her soda, grateful for the refreshing cool it bought. “Well.. To be honest with you, I don’t like fighting.”He answered, biting into a cookie. “Really?” She asked, he nodded, “I like making potions more, one of the Dreamers are gonna teach me when we have our weeks off.”

“Heh, I guess I’m not the only one who wants to go against tradition.”She said with a grin, Berren returned the grin, although a bit shyer than hers. “Yeah..”he nodded, “And you’re the room coordinator? Must be boring.”she laughed.

“It can be, mainly tiring because I have people on the hall coming to me going, ‘my door won’t shut’, or ‘ my bathroom shower doesn’t have hot water’.”He sighed, “It doesn’t help matters much that I’m awkward.”

She gave him a slight incredulous look, “What do you mean, ‘awkward’? You’re able to talk to me just fine.” She ate some more of the pasta. “well you’re easy to talk to.. I don’t know why, but you are. Maybe because we’re like minded?”He suggested. Lana shrugged, “maybe. You haven’t been here any longer than me and you seem to know more than I do.”

Berren blushed a bit, “I read up on it, and I talked to my parents, it’s essentially the same as when they came here.” He almost mumbled to where she couldn’t hear him. “Wow, he is actually awkward isn’t it?”she thought finishing her food, “Well, we still have break, how about you show me around?”she suggested as the two threw away their trash.

“Sounds good.”and he lead her off.


After break, Lana, Berren and the rest of the Nightmarians were standing back at attention in front of Nicheal. “Alright Brats, now you’ll be going through the obstacle course. Allight!”He snapped. “Yes sir!”Lana saluted. “You’re going through first.”He growled, pointing at the beginning of the course. Lana nodded and got at the beginning. “when you hear the whistle blow, go through it.”Nicheal informed her.

Lana nodded again and poised herself ready to run at the sound of the whistle. Soon the shrill whistle pierced her eardrums and she raced off.

Lana raced through the course, dodging the obstacles that were thrown at her. It was hard, at the last little bit, she used her energy, giving herself a small boost as it made her a bit faster. She panted, her hands on her knees as she finished.

Nicheal checked the timer that had started. “…A minute thirty, good job for the first time Allight. Next!”He barked at the next student. Soon, all who was left was Berren. He got a three minutes, fifty-five seconds, while everyone else got under two minutes. “Train harder Marten.”Nicheal growled.

There was a sharp, shrill whistle, echoing through the training area. “Alright Brats, it’s dinner time. Go eat and then get ready for bed. Tomorrow you’ll be learning about Inhibitors.”Nicheal snapped, and the group dispersed.

Lana jogged over to Berren, “Hey, you ok?” She asked, looking over at him as they walked to the dinner hall, “Just a bit embarrassed.”He admitted, “I thought I would at least get two fifty..”

“well.. You just need to train a bit more!”Lana grinned. Berren looked over at her. “.. There’s another reason why I’m gonna be learning potions from my friend, a warrior needs to know how to make them their self, like what if they are out, but need some potions immediately?”He proposed the hypothetical to her, and she nodded thoughtfully, and then she had an idea.

“..Hey, what if I help you train, and you teach me the potions?”she asked, stopping. “hmm..”Berren tapped his chin thoughtfully, “That’s… That’s actually  a good idea.” He nodded, “alright!”he grinned. “Thank you, Lana.”He smiled.

“Not a problem man!”she laughed, slapping him on the back.  He stumbled a bit but nodded, laughing a bit and the two went to go get dinner.


The next day, the Nightmarians were divided into classes of fifty and they went into different classrooms. Lana and Berren were in the same class. The Nightmarians took their seats and saw a middle-aged woman standing at the front of the classroom. She had the average looks of a Nightmarian, wearing the teachers robes, goggles around her neck, her hair tied back in a braid.

“Alright kids, I’m your teacher for today, I’m Tali Salen, call me Tali. Today, i’ll teach you about the devices known as inhibitors.” Tali held one up, it looked like a bracelet type device. “This goes on the upper arms of those who do crimes against the kingdom. They affect both Dreamers and Nightmarians equally. They make it so they cannot use their powers to an extent. For example, if I were to put on the inhibitor, I would only be able to make the Nightmarian Fog. Do I have a student willing to come up and try it?” She looked around the classroom, no one volunteered.

Tali’s eyes drifted to Lana, her eyes widening in mild surprise. “You, Dreamer, what’s your name?”she asked. “Lana Allight.”the girl responded. “Well Lana, come up to the front please.”Tali requested.

Lana nodded and got up from her desk, going to the front. “Pull up your sleeve.” Tali essentially ordered. Lana rolled up the sleeve of her uniform, revealing her upper arm, Tali placed the bracelet on her upper arm. “now, what do you know how to do with your energy?”She asked, sounding as if she didn’t expect much, “I do know how to make a dagger with it, taught myself that.” Lana answered, a bit curtly.

“Then try that.”Tali said, waving her hand. Lana nodded, and began to concentrate. In her hand a ghost of a dagger appeared, but it quickly flickered out. Her eyes narrowed and she tried it once more, despite Tali explaining to the others that what happened was what usually happened.

The dagger appeared in her hand, much more solid than the first time, but it flickered away once more. Doing that much with the Inhibitor around her arm, it made her feel drained, but she had to get it solid..!

She tried once more and it fully formed in her hand, making the other students murmur. The dagger stayed in her hands this time, she felt as if something popped in her brain and next thing she knew, she was falling, her vision going dark as she heard a muffled yell of surprise from Tali


Tali now was able to feel that she was in a cushy bed. “huh…?”she opened her eyes, trying to sit up, but her vision wavered and she fell back onto the bed, looking around the best she could from that position. It looked like a hospital type place, she hated hospitals, needles even more…

“you’re awake!”Berren’s voice came from the side of her bed. She looked over the best she could and saw him sitting there, a look of relief on his face. “Wha happen..?”she asked, she felt groggy, like she had taken an anesthetic. “You used so much energy with the inhibitor, it made you pass out. Tali commented that she had never seen someone try so hard to overcome the Inhibitor, you were actually able to make the dagger solid, but it faded away when you passed out.”He explained.

Lana’s eyes widened in surprise, “I need to surpass it.”

“Lana, that’s impossible.”Berren said, looking surprised, “Even the top ranking officials in the army can’t-!”Lana cut him off, “that’s not true. I know your parents had to have told you the stories.”she growled

“The stories?”Berren repeated. “Yeah, ya know..! dreamer and Nightmare! the two siblings who were the first users!”Lana nodded, “They were powerful! They made inhibitors to stop those who are descended from those two!”she growled.  “And how do you know that?”Berren crossed his arms.

“My parents bought home documents, that they had managed to steal.” She grinned, lowering her voice. Berren’s yellow eyes widened  behind his glasses, “You’re parents stole-urk!”he was pulled down by his tie, “Lower your voice Berren!”Lana hissed, “but yes, they did.”she released him.

“But… All the books I’ve read have never said anything about that..”He muttered fixing his tie, “Duh! because they wanna keep it a secret.”she grinned. “… I… I may have to do some research on this..” He mused. “And how are ya gonna do that?”Lana questioned, “They have alot of old files and junk in one of the basements, since I’m a room coordinator, I’m supposed to help the other coordinators in sorting files and stuff.” berren made a face, “I hope I don’t have to talk to any of them..”

“just take deep breaths and stay in the corner.”Lana smiled encouragingly. Berren nodded a bit and stood up to leave. Lana tried to get up, but Berren stopped her. “Nope, you can’t get up. The doctor wants you to stay the night.”

“Oh come on! I’m fine!”Lana snapped

“oh really? try and sit up.”Berren retorted.

Lana scowled and tried to do so, but couldn’t even lift her head up.

“See? You need to let your energy build back up.”Beren crossed his arms.

“…D…Damn you and your logic..”she scowled, her vision going fuzzy again.

“Try and get some sleep Lana, I’ll tell you what I find out when you’re coherent.”and with that, Berren left to go do some research while a nurse scurried over to chastise Lana for trying to get up.

“Miss Allight really! you lost so much energy, you don’t need to be moving for at least a day!”

“yeah yeah… Lemme sleep woman!”






You are now signing up for the Dreamer and Nightmarian academy.

If you are a Dreamer, you will be getting training in the fields of healing wounds, treating illnesses,  and potion making, training you for the jobs of nurses and doctors or working for the king himself.

If you are a Nightmarian, you will be trained in the ways of a warrior, using your powers to defend and fight for yourself and the country.

Please select what you are.



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